Simple. Fluid. And most importantly, effective for you.

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amp Marketing Services & Consulting is everything you’d expect from a smaller marketing company: friendly, accountable, and flexible.


Rather than forcing you to choose from rigid service packages or charge you for things you don’t need, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation to start things off.



We'll help you determine and align to a BIG picture win.


From there we’ll work together to craft a customized integrated marketing plan that respects your budget, attracts diverse groups to engage your brand, and achieves your win.


Marketing is about business impact, with an emphasis on performance. 

We work with each client to select channels, develop strategies, and set budgets to support  goals; adjusting the game-plan as needed throughout the process. 


There are myriad advertising and marketing tools available—and you’ve seen other businesses use them. But how do you know if it’s worthwhile investing in the latest social media platform or in exhibiting at an event?


The amp Marketing approach is simple. First, decide what one thing you want to achieve. Then we’ll work together to craft a marketing mix that respects your budget, is sympathetic to your audience, and achieves your win.

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